Invideo Review 2019

Invideo Review 2019

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Today I would like to do an in-depth review of video creator. They dubb themselves as World’s most versatile video creator for Quick & Professional videos.

I have to say that I'm really impressed with the final output using this video maker. Lets just dive right in to show you what InVideo can do! 

Step 1: Head on over to 

You will be presented with 3 options here. 

Option 1: Convert your Script to a Video

Option 2: Readymade Versatile Templates

Option 3: Build Your Own Video

For this review we're going to select option 1 i.e. Convert Your Script to a Video. I'm simply going to take my blog about How to Host a WordPress Site for $26.49  and convert it to a video.

Step 2: Picking a Theme

Once you've made your selection in Step 1, you will be promted to pick a theme. InVideo has ton's of themes to choose from. You may also filter based on Video Format ie. Horizontal, Square, Vertical. 

And finally you can select between stories & listicles. Listicles, as the name suggests can be used for Lists i.e. Top 5 Reasons to Use InVideo, etc.

Step 3: Picking Your Video Format

After selecting your theme you will be brought to a format selection page. Here you can select the video format based on the platform you're going to be sharing it on. So if you're creating marketing videos to share on social platform's you'd want to select 1:1 which will play well on Instagram and Facebook. After you've selected your format click on Start with this template button. 

Step 4: ​Adding The Script

​So unlike other social videos creators, InVideo allows you to add script from a URL. This is great for converting your existing blog posts into YouTube Videos. We all have this great content already written, now we have the option to simply convert it by the flick of switch! Not only is this helpful in converting your blog posts, you can also use this as a video ad maker. 

Step 5: The Storyboard

After Invideo has fetched all the text from your blog (if you go with Option 2) in step 4, you will be able to create scenes from it by simply clicking on the text. What you'll need to do is click on the text that is on the left side i.e. "Fetched" and then it'll automatically appear on the right side of the storyboard under Scenes. 

Depending on which plan you're currently subscribed to, there might be a scene limit. In my case I can have up to 50 scenes.

​Sometimes when you click on the fetched items, they don't go in the storyboard exactly how you'd like them to. But you can always click on the text and change it they way you want it to show. Editing the text can be done on the right side under the Scenes pane. 

You may also click on Auto Text summary which will parse the text automatically.

After I clicked on the "Go To Storyboard" button in the bottom right corner I get this message. My plan allows for 50 scenes (which is plenty) and auto summarize has split the scenes to 110. You can delete scenes by hovering over them and click the little trash can icon. 

​InVideo does recommend that you keep your script under 30 sentences for best experience. Keep that in mind when you're making your videos. 

Step ​6: Final Review

​Before you Preview and Export your video, you do have one final chance to change the look and feel of the auto generated template. Adding additional scenes here is also an option. 

​Once everything looks good, click on the Preview and Export button in the top right hand corner. Depending on how many scenes you have this might take anywhere between 2 - 10 minutes. 

Step ​7: You Did It

​And that was it! You have successfully create a professional quality video from your blog post. Here is what the final product looks like. InVideo will automatically add royalty free music and clips to your video. 

​Thank you InVideo for making this awesome platform for us creators. Whether you're using this tool for Blog post to YouTube Video conversion, Video Ads Maker or for a client, INVideo is going to become your #01 go to resource for all your video needs. 

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